Cortes E, Lachowski D, Rice A, Thorpe S, Robinson B, Yeldag G, Lee D, Ghemtio L, Rombouts K, del Río Hernández A. Tamoxifen mechanically deactivates hepatic stellate cells via the G protein-coupled estrogen receptor. Oncogene 2018. To see a video click here

Cortes E, Lachowski D, Rice A, Robinson B, Thorpe S, Lee DA, Possamai LA, Wang H, Pinato D, and del Río Hernández A. RAR‐β is downregulated in HCC & cirrhosis and its expression inhibits myosin‐driven activation and durotaxis in hepatic stellate cells. Hepatology 2018.  To see a video click here

Blaner WS. Hepatic stellate cells and retinoids: Toward a much more defined relationship. Editorial about our Hepatology manuscript above. Read it here

Haining AWM, Rahikainen R, Cortes E, Lachowski D, Rice AJ, von Essen M, Hytönen VP, del Río Hernández A. Mechanotransduction in talin through the interaction of the R8 domain with DLC1. PLoS Biology 2018. To see a video click here.

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Elshawarky S, Al-Jawad M, Pantano MF, Tejeda-Montes E, Mehta K, Jamal H, Agarwal S, Shuturminska K, Rice A, Tarakina NV, Wilson RM, Bushby AJ, Alonso M, Rodriguez-Cabello JC, Barbieri E, del Río Hernández A, Stevens MM, Pugno NM, Anderson P, Mata A. Protein disorder–order interplay to guide the growth of hierarchical mineralized structures. Nature Communications 2018

Leads the Top 50 in Chemistry and Materials Science collection

Yeldag G, Rice A, del Rio Hernandez A. Chemoresistance and the self-maintaining microenvironment. Cancers 2018.

Cover of December 2018 issue

Vella A, Enanga E, Rio Hernandez A. The emergence of solid stress as a potent biomechanical marker of tumour progression. Emerging Topics in Life Sciences 2018

Matellan C, del Rio Hernandez A.  Cost-effective rapid prototyping and assembly of poly(methyl methacrylate) microfluidic devices. Scientific Reports 2018

Mykuliak VV, Haining AWM, von Essen M, del Río Hernández A, Hytönen VP. Mechanical unfolding reveals stable 3-helix intermediates in talin and α-catenin. PLoS Computational Biology 2018

Samandari M, Julia MG, Rice A, Chronopoulos A, del Río Hernández A. Liquid biopsies for management of pancreatic cancer. Translational Research 2018

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Von Erlach, TC, Bertanzzo S, Wozniak MA, Horejs CM, Maynard SA, Attwood S, Robinson B, Autefage H, Kallepitis C, del Río Hernández A, Chen CS, Goldoni S, Stevens MM. Cell-geometry-dependent changes in plasma membrane order direct stem cell signalling and fate. Nature Materials 2018

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